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Top 5 Must Do Fiji Activities

Fiji Waterfall Adventure

When traveling to far off destinations it's important to plan your itinerary in advance to ensure that you are able to make the most of your time and see everything on your list.

Don't have a list yet? We can help with that!

Here are some of our top picks for Fiji activities:

#1 Explore Nature

Fiji is a nature lover’s Eden. Adrift in the splendid isolation of the blue waters of the South Pacific, the islands have escaped the ravages of the western world.

Fiji has more than three hundred species of native orchids, as well as hundreds of varieties that have been imported from places around the world.

Inside the many tropical forest reserves, you can walk surrounded with the scent of wild frangipani. The islands are Nature’s playgrounds, teeming with jabbering parrots that swoop through treetops and rare turtles that nest along the beaches.

Two of our nature favorite are Kula Eco Park and The Garden of the Sleeping Giant - both must sees while in Fiji.

Kula Eco Park

#2 Spend the Afternoon at Cloud 9

Located just off the Mamanuca Islands in calm turquoise waters is a floating fully stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria floating paradise and picturesque views.

Spend the afternoon lounging in the sun, sipping cocktails, munching on delicious pizza and enjoying complete and utter relaxation. The views, the service and the overall experience cannot be beat!

cloud 9 floating bar fiji


#3 Explore Underwater - SCUBA & Snorkeling 

Known as the “soft coral” capital of the world, Fiji SCUBA diving attracts divers seeking a world class diving experience.

Fiji’s countless miles of coral reefs are teeming with colorful fish and sea life that will amaze you! Expect to see clown fish, butterfly fish, angelfish, mantas, sharks and numerous species found only in the Pacific region.

With water temperatures that average 78 in winter and 82 in the summer, the crystal clear waters are idyllic for snorkeling & diving alike.

diving in Fiji

#4 Fiji Culture

For Fijians, generosity and kindness are a way of life. From the time they are young, children are taught to look after the needs of others.

A fascinating ancient heritage composed of many elements, based on village life make this land rich with tradition.

Watch the traditional yagona or kava being prepared in a time-honored ceremony. Sip kava and savor local dishes such as taro root, tapioca, and delicious local fish prepared in a lovo, the traditional underground oven of Fiji.

With a richness of many cultures Fijian, Indian, European, and Chinese living in harmony – the hospitality of the people will change your life forever.

Small villages and bustling markets bring out the charm of every day life in Fiji. Glorious festivals enrich the calendar … experience the Hibiscus Festival in Suva or Diwali, the Indian’s festival of lights. Watch the enchanting firewalkers and marvel in how they walk over the hot coals. Discover the Fijian people in the way we have and you will discover the soul of the islands.

fijian culture

#5 Day Hike to a Hidden Waterfall

Fiji is home to some of the most beautiful and untouched waterfalls that you do not want to miss! One of our favorites is located in Taveuni, which is located off Vanua Levu’s east coast, and is called the Tavoro waterfall. Accessible via a easily walkable grassy trail is a spectacular a 60-foot waterfall that flows down into a sparkling emerald pool.

A perfect destination to pack a lunch, your swim suit and cozy blanket for afternoon sun bathing!

fijian waterfall adventure

No matter what you choose for your Fiji itinerary, you really can't go wrong, after is the Happiest Place on Earth!

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