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6 Myths About All Inclusive Resorts

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Myth #1: They Are All Huge Properties 

This is what we hear most from clients when we suggest an all-inclusive property. What they have in their head is what you see on tv; large resorts with water parks, huge beaches filled with people, bustling restaurants and nightly shows. The reality of it though, is that first these types of all-inclusive resorts do exists (and they are great for some travelers) but secondly that there are plenty of all-inclusive resorts that are a much smaller scale; some boasting only 20 rooms or even better there are some where you are the only one there!

Bottom line is that all-inclusive resorts come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to do your research, or communicate with your travel agent, so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. We can assure you, there is an all-inclusive resort that is the perfect fit for just about any getaway you can imagine.

Myth #2: They Are All The Same

All-Inclusive resorts, even now more than ever, are differentiating themselves from one another with unique offerings. What this means for you as a traveler is that unlike they may have been in the past, all-inclusive resorts are going much more of the boutique route than the chain hotel 'cookie cutter' route. This is taken into consideration in the design of the hotel, the activities offered, the types of cuisine and entertainment as well as the accommodations themselves. 

Now this doesn't mean that the large chain resorts who pride themselves on having the same look and feel across their properties are going away, because there are some people really do enjoy that consistency. However, if it's important to to have that boutique travel experience, where you feel each property is different no matter the destination, don't rule out all-inclusive resorts.

Myth #3: They Are Only For Families

Not only are there adult only all-inclusive properties, but there are plenty of family friendly properties that have an exclusive adults only section of the resort (and by section we mean accommodations, pools, restaurants and even private beaches). This is great for those traveling in mixed groups where some travelers have their kids and others want to enjoy some more adult time - or for when you have a particular destination in mind and want all-inclusive but all you see are photos of families on the websites. Dig a little deeper and see if they have a 'premiere' or 'exclusive' section of the resort designed for adults only. You might be pleasantly surprised that properties you originally looked over are actually a great fit!

Myth #4: Adults Only is Only for Couples and Honeymooners

Adults-Only does not necessarily mean it's for couples or honeymooners only. Now, that's not to say that some adults only properties don't cater to mostly couples, but there are plenty that really are exactly what they say. For Adults Only - no matter if you are a couple, a group of friends or just an adult who needs some solo time away from it all.

What adults only really means, unless otherwise stated, is that the property caters to adults in every way, shape and form. This means you can expect finer accommodations, more focus on fine wine and foods, activities geared towards adults and plenty of spaces that are secluded, quiet and offer a true sense of escape. 

Myth #5: You Will Be Hit With Hidden Costs

With any property there can always be hidden costs, and when we book travel for our clients we always share these with them up front so that they can know what to expect. These costs are often things like mandatory resort fees, up-charges for food and beverages and additional fees for certain activities or services.

However, these are very rarely 100% hidden - now, that's not to say that they may not be hard to find on the resorts website or materials - but they are definitely listed somewhere. Best thing to do is research before you book and either contact the resort directly or ask your travel agent to list out any and all possible additional costs so that you can plan accordingly.

Myth #6: The Food Is Terrible

This last one could not be farther from the truth. All-inclusive does not always mean buffets and pre-packaged foods, sometimes it does, but again, this goes back to you doing your homework (or letting your travel agent do it for you) to make sure you are selecting the best property for your desires. If you are into fine food & wines, tasty cocktails, eating organic or trying new delectable dishes, all-inclusive resorts can absolutely provide those for you. 

Many upscale all-inclusive resorts have renowned chefs and culinary teams who draw guests based on that aspect alone. The best part is that if you are a self-proclaimed foodie or wine connoisseur you can perfect your skill and not worry about the bill. That's right, wine and cocktails too, because many all inclusive properties include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or a beverage package add on.


What we have learned over the years is that all travelers are different, but one thing we do know is that we love all-inclusive properties because of the ease and peace of mind they can bring to our travelers. That being said, these myths prevail because many people do not take the time to do the research in order to find the all-inclusive property that works best for them. 

Lucky for you, that’s where we come in. South Seas Adventures specializes in finding the perfect property for you, whether it's an all-inclusive or not, our experts take the time to get to know you and learn exactly what you are looking for in your dream vacation. Whether you are a family traveling with kids, a couple looking to reconnect, celebrating a special occasion or milestone or are fresh newlyweds - we have just the destination and resort to exceed all your expectations. Get in touch with us today and start making your dream getaway a reality!

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